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We are Desinging Experts

The art of the user design and user interface lies in the very core of our team and it’s been there since inception of Tech440. Our experienced designers bring a great mix of sleek and professional design keeping the entire user journey in mind.

We believe in thorough user research and applications which interact with users. We offer following services under design

Mobile App Design

Go through app before creating it

Website Design

Retain your user with good user experiance

Design Guideline We Follow



Material Design

Human Interface Guidelines

Flat Design

Custom Design


What you will Get
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  • 24/7 Support
  • Style Guideline
  • Code ownership
  • Strict math for working hours
  • Knowledge transfer

We want to win your trust with our work .

At tech440, we’d like to take the onus on ourselves for the whole project and give a damn about your success. Stepping into your shoes by working 24/7 for your need.